Saturday, January 29, 2011

Glee and no I do not mean the show.

This was me this morning. 
I've been waiting for this day all week, as even though I wasn't going to get to throw a vase of my own...I was so ready to just be in a clay studio! 

Yes, I'm a dork. 

I'm like a kid in a candy store when it comes to new craft fun. I always enjoy learning new ways to create. 

The ArEtsy meet and greet was fun, we had a few people there which was fine as it's a a small space. Hoping to have quite a few people more at the next event. I'll be sure to give plenty of notice! 
I enjoyed making new friends and meeting those who came. ^_^ 

My mom "Retro Momma's" got to come and afterwards we enjoyed a light and delish lunch at the Starving Artist Cafe. 

The other crafty fun going on in my house today was boy related. Maddman is a scout and so had to get his pinewood derby racer ready. As we are pretty big Speed Racer fans it was easily decided what the car would be named. 

The Mach 7. Now it looks  in no way as bad as my illustration, it's awesome. The back fin is actually a 7.

So do any of you have derby racers you've just finished? Or did you do anything awesomely crafty today?

* I promise to never try to draw a derby car again, lol. Oh and whoot for two illo's! My tablet and I are starting to get along. ^_~  

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Ekio Locatiare said...

Pfft, I should have drawn my glasses. So used to wearing them I forget they are there.