Monday, January 31, 2011

Being a procrastinator

Means that when big events come up, you tend to rush around. 

Which I don't mind on average. 
Which is why I'm a pro at procrastinating. 

Take for instance, Madd's boy scout uniform. He's a cub scout so they are really just introducing them to the boy scout way. The pack were in is fairly laid back as well so the boys usually just wear their cub scout tee's. Not their blues. 

Yeah, tonight is derby race night. So guess what I spent today doing. 


Thankfully the site has an awesome guide to help parent's put it all in the right spots.

It reminds me, I need to sew some more robots, or monster hats, or robots in monster hats. 

Wait no. Strike that. That's just silly.   

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