Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thought I'd share a bit of our holiday...wordy and pictures abound!

Hubb always gets into the cooking scene around holidays. I think mostly it's because his grandmother cooked large meals and he associates them with the holidays. I realize that most do, My family did bigger meals than normal, but I just wasn't that interested in them.

Hubb on the other hand has a semi love affair with food. Ok forget semi, its a full blown affair. That man loves food. ^-^

So every year he forces a turkey into our freezer along with the various other foods needed. This year I managed to talk him out of a large bird since everyone else in the family was already doing big dinners and it would never get eaten! Then his boss got him a ham for Christmas.


He was excited and I was happy to let him cook.
The ham took hours and hours. This ham was huge! I'm talking....well why talk when I can show you.

So yeah.....most of that's still in my fridge.

Our boys enjoyed the holidays. I bought them lots of goodies from Etsy, Hubb found them a couple of things in the mass market, Superman, board games and the like. Not that that bothers me ^-^ I love that he likes to shop.

The house was all lit up. I tried to talk Hubb out of putting the lights up..I'm not sure what was wrong with me...I love Christmas lights, just didn't feel like we had time this year. But up they went ^-^

We had the fireplace going for a week, ya know with the heater going out, and that was something I enjoyed.

Ok, I'll hush now. One last shot of a family friend who's been around for years and years. He's always right by the front door and the boys love to hear him tinkle out jingle bells. He's one of the first things I put up each year and one of the last things to come down.

Ah Christmas.

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