Thursday, January 3, 2008

I tried to sculpt with clay.

And all I got was a good laugh. ^-^

Ok, so it's not horrid, my little huskey/fox creature is kinda cute. But in that my 6yr old made it kinda way. (Please don't remind me I'm not 6)

Don't get me wrong, I love him, but he's not exactly what I had pictured when I started. I almost completely ruined him in the baking process. Somewhere along the line we'd picked up some clay and I'd tossed it in the kids craft box. Well when I pulled out my sculpey yesterday, guess who wanted to craft along side me. Madd.

So I pulled out the nameless, instructionless clay package and let him have at it. When he saw I was putting my creation in the oven to bake, his just had to go in too. His clay ended up being no bake clay. *laughs* I glanced in the oven after a few min and there was a puddle of colorful mess on each side of my critter.

So out they came and into another dish went my fox guy. Thankfully the puddles hadn't seeped under him though there was a bit of oil underneath him. No color contact though. I popped him back in the oven and said nothing to Madd, who was still happily playing with the rest of his clay.

So now I have my fox guy, and on my counter, is a tray of creative marbles/planets, a couple of what he said were monsters and one mass of clay bars stuck together. Oh and the poor dish that sacrificed itself to the gooey mess of melted clay.

So I went back to fiber sculpting, until I can get better reacquainted with polymer clay.

I made a new monster guy out of fiber, he'll have friends in his species as I have a few color combos planned. Jess has a new home she'll be leaving for tomorrow, so Mimi insisted on some new friends. A whole house party of them. ^-~

Oh! I got my business cards in the other day. They aren't exactly what I wanted, I had hoped they would be darker and that the light grey stripe across them would actually be as silvery as it looked on the web site, but oh well. They look good and I'm happy to actually have cards ^-^

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Shadows of the goddess designs said...

how cute :) I am enjoying reading your blog this morning