Tuesday, January 8, 2008


My first sewn doll!

I joined a craftalong on Craftster a while back and have just not had the time to do the project until this last week. So for the past three days I've been sewing off and on trying to get her finished.

I started out following the pattern, then got distracted and all the sudden knew she should be a mermaid. So I pulled out some icy blue suede that I had in my stash for her tail.

I cut out my own pattern and just went with it. The day before I started I stopped by an area of town I hadn't been around lately and found some of the neatest yarn to use as her hair.

So after all the finger killing work, I'm very proud to introduce you to my mermaid companion.

She's got a necklace with two fish beads and a clear shell bead.

Her tail is beaded with a large set of beads around her waist.

In her hair I put a few wooden beads to accent, and in her ears, she has some clear drop earrings with one wire wrapped pendant earring I made and a dolphin charm I found.

I found a design online I liked for her face and painted it on.

I nearly killed my sewing machine trying to sew her hair into tracts so I could stitch them to her head. And my fingers, oy.

But boy howdy was it fun to see her come together. I think I'll do a faun next. ^-^

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