Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Comic Con-way!

This past weekend we found a local comic convention and on the spur of the moment decided to go. Our boys love games and comics plus Jen over at Epbot had recommended smaller cons as being just as much fun, if not more, so why not. We had a blast at our first con as a family. 

We knew they were having a costume contest, so we dressed the boys up, they got to pick hero or villain  Madd went as Darth Vader and Little was Clark Kent/Superman. 

There was a kids area where they could create a cape and if they wanted, get their face painted. We made capes, skipped the face paint since they were already in costumes. 

I think the best part was the 501'st Legion's booth. They had nerf guns and you could donate to shoot them. The money was to go to the Make a Wish group. We did this a couple of times. *chuckles* The boys were deadly shots and almost always hit their targets. Usually in the forehead. 

They would sneak up behind the kids as they reloaded their guns, so it was funny to watch the kids turn around and start shooting like mad. 

Madd being Darth Vader, they hammed it up with him for pictures for me. 

There were comic artists who were signing books that you picked up in the kids area. They were made like coloring books and each artist had a page. The vendors were mostly local comic shops who had all sorts of things. The boys grabbed a Dalek talking plush each and tossed several quarters into card machines for Magic cards. They have recently started playing, so this was "so cool" to them. 

We picked up a new series for the boys (well new to us!) G-Man comics
They are loving it and we will be keeping our eyes out for the next installments. What was awesome, was he signed their con book, each of the books we bought from him and gave them a free mini sketch. 

Another cool booth was the guy who made balloon sculptures. He had several super heros, and a couple of creatures. A dino you could ride and...
Hulk arms! 

There was a group there that has an old school arcade business, so they had several machines set to free play, the boys ran to several and played for a good long while. It was great. 
There were lots of other cosplayers there and the boys had fun taking pictures with them. 
This girl actually asked Little first for a picture. She was a trooper, there all day long, in costume, posing and had the awesome WW converse shoes! 

They also had door prizes and between that and the winnings from the costume contest, the kids made out like bandits. 
The list includes, Han Solo action figure (96' in the box) Two vintage comic posters, stickers, erasers, magic card box, batman socks, and build a paper Voltron sheet. There is too much to list it all! 

This was their first year and I hope they do it again next year. It was all fantastic and just makes me want to go to a bigger convention soon!