Monday, August 13, 2012


Expect the next couple of posts to be nothing but pictures. Or at the very least mostly pictures.
Our newest little boy was born Aug 6th so of course, this momma's had her camera out.
I wanted to take some in a steampunk influenced theme, because well, it's a love of mine and my house is decorated in these tones. Also Jen over at Epbot  inspired me to try some fun things in this theme because she's done some amazing newborn shots!

This one ended up being just for giggles. I could not get the hat to stay on his head for long. Theron is a veryyy wiggly guy and is alert/awake more often than not even though these were day 3! 
This set was pretty much all for me. I laughed as I had all sorts of props pulled out. It looked like a steampunk photo shoot that's for sure. Not even half the things I pulled made it into pictures. Ray guns, watches, a series of vials with gears in them. I had a ton of fun though. I could not get him to lay on his tummy for any full body sleeper poses, he just didn't want to stay asleep! 

Obviously, do not use these photos without my permission.