Monday, February 13, 2012

V-Day Love

One of my resolutions as of this year was to swear off swapping. That held about as well as water in a strainer because I couldn't pass up swapping for V-Day!

J.Rose of the amazing Cheeseblarg  hosted a secret partner valentines swap. I received  (and was completely spoiled) today!

The card cracked my stuff up, the envelope had "Shhh! Secret Cupid Business Inside!!! on the outside as well as "2012 Cheeseblarg Valentinery Magical Friendship Extravaganza of Joy!!!" so my face at the awesome disapproving chicken inside was enough to make Hubb want to know what was going on. 

The box of chocolates only made it into the picture because I was nomming on a chocolate covered strawberry at the time (Hubb's V-day surprise which came earlier in the day...^_^) There's 4 amazing fabrics, a strand of delish beads, glittery buttons (oh so going into a necklace or something...I mean glitter!) and some tasty lip gloss. 
Not to mention the adorable heart tissue paper which was immediately flattened, folded and stashed in my paper file (Save da pappa!- yells Hubb) for later crafting fun. 

Thank you so much Natalie S.!!!  

Now to stalk for when my partner receives....*lurks around web*