Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Something New from me to You!

Ok, so I've got some big news! Hubb and I are starting a newspaper!

Yes, yes I know, blogs/sites/twitter and all that have taken a big bite out of the good old print, however were counting on the fact that it's A. free to you to read...and B. going to be a big community resource to help us out.

Now for the part that relates to you artists!
After much whining on my part, Hubb has agreed to add a portion of the paper just for artists! Were going to have a 4 page spread of aggressively priced ads just for artists and art related (shows, gallery spots, etc.) called the Artists Cafe.

Alongside this, we are going to be creating a site that will be linked to the papers main website, and will also be called the Artists Cafe. One more spot for advertising (which is included in the price of the orig. ad in the paper) as well as a bio. Were really hoping this spot will increase your sales.

Now here's what I need from you guys...... Yes you knew there was a catch right...^-~ Nothing much, just a comment about your thoughts!

I'd love to know what you think of the idea and if you'd be interested in a spot.

Each ad will be business card sized and will be $50. We will be circulating 10k copies in the first issue and are going to up circulation with the second printing. At the moment we are looking to have our first printing out as a very special edition to hand out at Riverfest!

If you don't mind, send this out to all artists in Arkansas that you know, I know there are a good number of us in the etsy group (and I'll be posting this to the yahoo group) but I can count on my hand at least (if not more) several artists in Arkansas who aren't an etsy member. The more the word gets out the better chance you've got of keeping this new artist resource growing!


righteousnessbyfaith said...

I think this is a fabulous idea! I have mourned the absence of letter writing, print, etc for some time now. Yes, yes I am online because that is the way everyone communicates and does business now, but as a young artist, wife and mother, i refuse to say good bye to these things....so YAY! for you guys!
I would definitely be interested in a spot. I am still a fairly new etsy business and no longer have a local store to sale my items in so I have recently had to actually do some promoting, which I am not very good at when it comes to myself. ;)
Keep me posted! and Congrats and Good luck!


Beaded Glass said...

Congrats on you new adventure!! I work at a Mena newspaper (my real paying job) and love your idea, although we won't be using your idea in our newspaper, people in this neck of the woods are WalMart specialists. I'd consider an ad in yours if you can tell me more about where you will be distributing them.

Beaded Glass said...
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Ekio Locatiare said...

Teapots and Robots, I love your shop name and it's an adorable shopt. Thanks for your comments and interest!

Thanks Beaded, I'm really looking forward to this. As for distribution, initially we'll be leaving stacks at various social businesses, where papers are generally picked up (coffee shops, gas stations, lobbies, offices, libraries, anywhere people gather in mass). We hope to have close to 100 stands acquired and ready to place by the end of the year and our initial print schedule is a riverfest printing, a mid June printing and then going to a 1st of the month printing while doubling our distribution to 20k copies in September.

Any other questions I'm more than happy to answer as well so feel free to ask away!