Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Photos

I have been on an Etsy break as of late as I just wasn't getting any creating done. On a recent trip to Hot Springs though I took lots and lots of pictures. Some of these will end up for sale!

Here are a couple I've already listed.
This one is a statue that is right in the middle of the road and for a good reason. It is in remembrance of a great flood that leveled most of the town. The statue is of a Mother Earth figure and two deer.

The thing that's always struck me about it is why on earth someone shot it. Yes, the discoloration on the deer seeps from a rust wound in it's antler where someone shot it. I'm really not sure why... But it's always caught my eye. It's creepy factor is amped by the fact that right across the street from it is the Wax Museum.

Next you have a little nut that I found resting on a park bench. The two were so colorful I could not help but snap a picture.

You all know how much I love contrast ^-~

The last picture of the day is of a window in my favorite hotel. Teal is my favorite color and I've always loved old peeling windows so how could I resist?
These photos are listed in my etsy shop for sale and soon there will be several more from this trip!

*Legal Stuff.....All images shown here are Copyright Brandy Davis of EkioArt 2009, do not reproduce, reuse, distribute or otherwise claim these images as yours or I will have my legal beagles hunt you down. Seriously, art theft is a dumb and rude thing to do. Don't do it!

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