Thursday, July 29, 2010

Poppets and Steampunk and Swaps Oh My

Lately I've been crafting more for other people rather than for my shop. (which is like me saying....I'm in a slump -_-)

But I've had fun with it!
1st swap I did recently was a 44c swap. I may start one of these for our ArEtsy group soon as it's so simple and fun!
The deal was you had to see how much you could fit into a standard envelope and mail for just 44c. No overages, must be machinable, etc.
So here was my envelope!

I drew my first ever sugar skull and sent some fabric, embroidery floss, as well as several other things. 
And heres the awesomeness I received!

2nd swap was a Multi Themed Steampunk swap. Which I adored. I haven't gotten my goodies yet as it's still early in the swap but as I was raring to go on this one I sent wayyy early. And my partner received yesterday!
So here's the goodies I sent her including my newest Poppet!
The other items are a sleep mask (which is filled with a cold remedy herb mix) a journal and a pair of earrings. 
Plus, my big guy turned 6 this past weekend!
He asked for a pirate themed cake again this year. But was very specific that it needed a coconut tree, monkeys, to be an island with a pirate ship crashed on it and have a map. lol.


casserole said...

Happy Birthday! I am so happy that you are in my class. --Olivia Weaver

Ekio Locatiare said...

Thanks Olivia, Glad to have you in my class too! - Maddock